Hillcrest Garage Apartment

While living in an historic neighborhood can have its advantages, the lack of enclosed parking is not one of them. The client learned this lesson the hard way. After having his car broken into 10 times, the resident decided to build a detached garage and workshop for himself, along with an apartment on the second level.

After researching the form and location of nearby carriage houses, we designed the new 16’x44′ structure to meet the neighborhood’s guidelines while also incorporating innovative, exterior materials. The 600-square-foot apartment has an open, vaulted ceiling with wood finishes and is juxtaposed against the steel and cementitious fiberboard of the exterior. A balcony at the apartment provides a place to relax without infringing on the privacy of the primary residence.

Little Rock, Arkansas | 2003

Featured in:

Arkansas Times, “The Heights Gets Organized,” September 5, 2003