Max Milam Library Renovation and Addition, Perryville, Arkansas

Max Milam was chairman of the Political Science Department at the University of Arkansas, and founder of the University’s public administration program.  He was also the Director of the State Finance and Administration for Governor Rockefeller and Governor Bumpers.  He later became the Chief Financial Officer and Chairman of Rockefeller and Associates, and the Executor and Trustee of the Rockefeller Estate and Trust.  Max Milam was a tireless promotor for rural health care delivery and rural economic development in Perry County and Arkansas.

The Max Milam Library is a vital part of the community in Perry County and the county passed a mileage for the addition and renovation to the existing 5,000 square foot library. The existing 5,000 square feet was renovated to update and expand the circulation area, the staff services area, the Children’s Program and stacks area as well as the Teen’s stack area.  The addition consists of a meeting/community room, adult stack area, reading room, study rooms and new public restrooms.

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