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Our House Children's Center

The Mission

Our House Inc. provides Little Rock’s working homeless with housing, training and youth programs to help them succeed. As part of a capital campaign, the organization aimed to build a learning facility to offer important educational and enrichment opportunities that at-risk children often miss.

The Result

A programming evaluation by Herron Horton Architects revealed the need for a facility to address a variety of programs and space requirements, as well as the unique developmental needs of homeless and near-homeless children. The vibrant center includes a mix of different types of spaces for early childhood, “Little Learners,” and for “Our Club” youth ages 6-18. The new Children’s Center incorporates extensive use of natural light and playful yet practical elements, such as the multi-use room, a safe space where children can jump, climb and express feelings through their bodies as well as a place to be quiet and center themselves.

This modern, flexible facility demonstrates a commitment to ending the cycle of homelessness by providing a learning space for all of the community’s children to grow and thrive.